I only had half a day of school today, and now a bunch of people think there won't be school tomorrow either. xD

Yeah! xD It's been snowing basically all afternoon and night so far, and I think I've heard that it's supposed to keep going until tomorrow night. .3.

I'm definitely okay with there not being school tomorrow, I'd be fine with sleeping in and not having to go anywhere for sure, ahaha~ ewe

Anyway, this is a really short entry, but it's getting kinda late, and honestly I'm just really tired, so I think I'm gonna go to bed for tonight. ;u; I should hopefully get a chance to write about camp here tomorrow, especially if there's no school, so hopefully I remember to do that! uvu

Either way, I'll be on again tomorrow for sure! :D I'll try to get more written here then~ ewe

Good night guys! ^-^