We did like ten/eleven-ish hours of driving today, and I am dEAD. xD

Yeah. xD It wasn't all in one go though, so that was good at least! And I figured out that I'm short enough I can aaaalmost totally stretch my legs out sitting in the front seat, my knees stay juuust a little bent, and it's great! :D 

We didn't get to our hotel until like ten-ish, and I'm just getting ready to sleep now. :o

So I think I'm gonna do that, especially since we're probably getting up early again tomorrow, and I don't wanna be super tired if I can help it, aha. ^^

But I'll be on tomorrow for sure! :D I don't know how much I'll get written here tomorrow, but I'll get something written at least. :3

Good night guys! owo