So I didn’t end up having an ice cream sandwich. xD

Because it turned out they weren’t quite what I was expecting, and also they weren’t ready when I went to see about getting one, and it was sO WARM and I started melting so I just kinda gave up in the end. x’D

They were taking regular cookies and putting ice cream between them, which sounds like it was probably pretty good, but I heard from a couple people that they weren’t really anything special. ;o; 

I did have ice cream after school, though, since Mum bought a big tub of neopolitan, which is really nice! :D I’m excited about it, ahaha, and I have a little tub of oreo ice cream in the freezer too that she got me yesterday (Melissa had a tub too but she ate it after the doctor’s appointment she had yesterday), so either way I have ice cream and I’m really happy. ^.^

Anyway, I’d write more here tonight but I kEEP YAWNING SO MUCH and it’s eleven PM now anyway, so sleep is probably a good plan. ;v;

I’ll try to write more here tomorrow! uvu I’ll be on again then for sure. 

Night guys! :D