I’m pretty sure I strained my shoulder yesterday, whoops. quq

Yeeaahhh. quq I carried 10L of water through a swamp, across a road, up a path that went uphill, and down the other side of the hill, and I did that with one hand because my phone, my 3DS, my switch, and my sketchbook were all either in the bag on my left shoulder or in that pocket of my sweater. ;o; My right shoulder didn’t exist by the end of it, aha. xD

I didn’t expect to wake up with it so sore, though, and I haven’t been able to move it much without it hurting when I do all day, and it’s been a little swollen too. ;o; I’ve had an ice pack on it pretty much since I got home an hour ago to try to bring the swelling down a little and it’s sorta working a little, but it’s still swollen, ehhh. qoq I think the ice pack is kinda helping a little with the soreness though, which is nice at least! ;v;

Yesterday was still 100% worth it though, I don’t have any regrets about it. xD

Work’s gonna be such an adventure with this though, and my legs are gonna kiiiill me (surprisingly they haven’t been sore yet today though which is good), and the advil hasn’t done a thing for my shoulder so I’m probably gonna be pretty sore one way or another when I get home. D: 

I’m off tomorrow and Wednesday though, since I’ll be busy around the time I would’ve had to go in, so I mean that’s something at least! :o 

I figured I’d write something here now though, since I have to eat soon and then I’m going to work, and I won’t be back home again until probably around eleven and at that point I’m honestly just gonna wanna sleeeep. xD 

Supper’s gonna be ready soon though, so I think I’m gonna stop writing here for now! uvu 

I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure, hopefully my shoulder is less sore and I have more to talk about than just that, aha. x’D

Bye guys! ovo