It’s $2500 a year, so that’s like half of my tuition and fees covered for both years, ahaha. :’D So that’s really good!! 

I’m just eating and stuff before work again, it’s like five now and I start work at six so I don’t really have a whole lot of time left before I have to leave. qoq 

I work six to ten tonight, and then tomorrow and Sunday I work three to ten, so I’ll probably be getting the next couple of entries done really early compared to when I usually do them. ;v; 

I’m not really looking forward to it, honestly, just in the sense that it’s almost double how long my shifts have been up to this point and I don’t really get a night to just sit until monday. On the upside I’ll get money out of it, so that’s good at least. quq 

Anyway, I’ve gotta finish eating and get ready for work, so I’m gonna get off for today! ;o; 

I’ll definitely be back on again tomorrow, though! :o

Bye guys! ^^