My entire upper body huuurts. quq

Yeah. ;o; Especially my shoulders and arms? It's probably from lifting the mop bucket in and out of the sink last night, and the really heavy garbage bags I had to carry to the dumpster last night (I wasn't even strong enough to get two of them into the dumpster myself, and the guy who was working before me had to get one of them out of the garbage can for me to begin with), ehhh. So that's gonna make work today an adventure, especailly considering I have to change a bunch of garbage cans and lift a mop bucket with water in and out of the sink twice. qoq I can't even lift a 1L milk carton without hurting. ;v; 

If I get any worse or if today just doesn't go well at all I might actually have to see about calling in for tomorrow, I'm not even sure I can handle today and with graduation stuff coming up being really sore is something I'd really like to avoid. 

I'm just eating lunch now, and I'll have to leave in a little over an hour too, so I figured I'd write this now. ;o; 

I'm kinda really hoping tonight's not busy, but I doubt that'll be the case because it's really nice out and the fair's in town too, ehhh. quq 

Anyway, I think I'm gonna keep eating and do whatever else I need to do before I have to go to work, so I'm gonna stop writing here for today! I'll be back on again tomorrow for sure, though. 

Bye guys! :o