I have Breath of the Wild music stuck in my head. xD

Yeeaaah. xD I’m not really sure why, though, because I haven’t played since like noon? Ah well though, it’s not really a bad thing at least, aha. ^^ 

Jayden was here for most of today again too, so that was really nice! ^.^ We played Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart, and honestly besides helping my grandmother get groceries that’s the most productive thing we did, aha. xD 

I got called into work for tomorrow evening, which suuuucks, just because I was expecting tomorrow off, but oh well, it means I’ll have a little more money on my next paycheck which is nice at least. quq

Anyway, I’m reeeally sleepy now, and it’s getting late anyway so I think I’m gonna go to bed! ;o; I’ll be back on again tomorrow before work for sure, though, and I’ll try to talk more here then if I can. ^^

Night guys! :D