This guy was walking down the sidewalk towards the library and he had like five dogs with him, and they weren’t even on leashes or anything but they were so well behavedddddd. ;v; He wanted to know if I knew if the library was open on Saturday and when he asked that one of the dogs started coming towards me, but he called her back until he saw how excited I was because I went “HELLO!!!!” at the dog coming over to me. xD So he just kinda went “I see you want to see them” and stepped towards me and the dogs all sWARMED ME AND THEY WERE PRESSING AGAINST MY LEGS AND I GOT TO PAT SO MANY DOGS. ;V; 

They might’ve had fleas though, the guy kinda mentioned it and he looked kinda dirty himself, and like three of the dogs were scratching before they left, but I changed my pants just in case since the dogs were pressing against my legs and I washed my hands really good too, so I should be alright. ^^ 

I turned around to go back to residence and this guy was standing outside it with his friend and he was FREAKING OUT and I’d never talked to him before tonight, but we bonded over how many dogs this guy had and they weren’t even on leashes or anything and I got to PET SO MANY DOGS. He told me I looked like I was in heaven. xD

I told the guy with the dogs that this was the highlight of my day and he just goes “yeah, I get that a lot”, aha. 

Anyway, I’m not headed home tonight because my focus was iffy earlier and while I’d be fine to drive around town (which is actually what I’m about to do) I don’t want to drive on the highway since it’s just straight for so long and I’d probably space out. quq So I’m going home tomorrow morning instead! I figured I’d get this done now while I had the chance, though. :o I’m gonna just go for a drive with Aidan now though I think, so I’m gonna get off for today! uvu

I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure! :D

Night guys! ^.^