Last night was such a long night. ;o;

Yeah. qoq We didn’t get back to campus until 3am. 

We were there for seven hours in the end, 3 and a half hours in the waiting room, an hour in another room with just Allie and I waiting for a doctor, and then another two and a half in another room after we finally saw the doctor for the first time. 

We waited all that time for the doctor to go “my best guess is it’s the beginning of a bug” and we were told if it gets worse to come back in. quq Allie was feeling a lot better this afternoon though, not entirely better but a lot better, so that’s good at least. 

I reeeally have to go to bed now though, so I’m gonna get off for today. ;v; 

I’ll hopefully be less tired tomorrow, aha.

Night guys. quq