There was a looot of buildup to the 150th anniversary of Canada, but not a whole lot really happened. :o

Yeah. :o Or at least not a lot happened here, anyway? It's been really rainy out the past couple of days, ehhhh. D: So that's probably why not a lot happened? There's supposed to be fireworks in town tomorrow I think, but it's supposed to rain again tomorrow, so I'm not sure if they'll happen tomorrow or not. .3.

Art Fight technically started today, but the site got reeeally overloaded and not a lot of people could get on or do much, I got on long enough to get sorted into my team but otherwise I haven't been able to do anything yet. :o The teams this year are Sun and Moon! :3 I'm on the Moon team. 

Anyway, I'd write more here if I could, but I've been ready to just sleep since like five and it's already almost nine thirty too, so I have to get off for tonight anyway, ehhh. D: 

I'll try to get more written here tomorrow, though, and I'll be on again then for sure! ;u; 

Good night guys! uvu