Apparently there was a fight in the office at school today. o.o

Yeah. :o Of all places, the office? And it wasn’t even just students either, there was a parent involved too, and the police were called and now there’s an investigation I guess? Holy crap, it’s kind of a mess, I’m not 100% certain on any of the details yet but I’m getting the full story from James tomorrow (I’m not sure who he got it from yet either, he definitely didn’t witness it because he was with Jayden and I during lunch in our usual spot), so that should be interesting to find out what happened. o.o 

This is the second time police have been involved in something that’s happened in the past like three-ish months (the first time was some stupid joke where a guy wrote “kill list” on the top of a list of names he needed to remember since he was an international student, it all kind of blew up in his face and the police were involved to make sure there was no actual threat or anything), and just oh my god, why is my school like this? ;v; 

On a lighter note, holy cRAP THE GRADE EIGHTS ARE TINY AND THAT IS SAYING SOMETHING BECAUSE I AM TINY AND THEY’RE SMALLER THAN ME. But their kinda “orientation” day was today, so they were kind of just EVERYWHERE. A big group of them went up the stairs of the stairwell where I sit with my friends during lunch and were convinced they would end up near the Frenh teacher’s classroom, meanwhile those stairs lead up to the hallway/catwalk where the school board office is, and the French teacher’s classroom is on the main floor and not the second floor. xD 

After they left James looked at me and went “I give them a minute before they figure it out.” aha, they didn’t come back though so they must’ve figured out how to get wherever they needed to be anyway. x’D

Anyway, it’s getting late, and I’m tired, so I think I’m gonna go to bed for tonight! :o 

I’ll be on again tomorrow for sure, though! :D

Night guys! ovo