YESSS. ;V; I can’t believe I forgot, honestly? xD Like, that’s half a decade, that seems like a big thing to remember, and I’ve always been so aware of the anniversary of this blog every other year too. 

I found out last night that I work Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and then I found out today I work Sunday too, and just ahhh. ;o; I’m kinda getting really overwhelmed with having to deal with work and school and everything else going on, honestly. 

On an unrelated note (since honestly I’m kind of tired of thinking about work right now), I was to this VIP thing with Dad and Melissa for the airshow that’s happening here tomorrow! :o So that was really cool, we got to see them all arrive (there was eleven jets total) and say hello to pretty much everyone involved in the airshow. Aaand we got to talk to the team leader for a few minutes twice too, which was super nice, and we got pictures with him and a couple of the other team members too! :D 

Honestly, that’s definitely the highlight of today. :o I’ve been feeling super overwhelmed by everything since last night, but I didn’t think about it a whole ton during the airshow thing, so that was kind of a really nice break for my mind. quq 

Anyway, my shoulders are kinda sore from today (my right shoulder has been a little better today I think though!), and I’m kind of just really tired, so I think I’m gonna go to bed for tonight. qoq 

I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure, though! ;o;

Good night guys! :o