I tried to paint my nails again today and it didn’t quite work out. quq

Yeaaah, it didn’t go as badly as last time, but I think this polish night be a little funky or something. ;o; It just doesn’t want to fully harden I guess, but it’s the outer layer that’s the problem. quq The purple bottle I have didn’t give me any issues at all, so I expected the pink to be the same way since the only difference between them is the color, but I guess I was wrong! ;v; I might get a top coat sometime and see if that helps. :o

My internet was out for a chunk of the morning too, but it came back up late in the morning! :D I guess water got in to the phone line somewhere, but when the sun came out it dried up the water, and then things started working again: :o

Anyway, it’s really late so I’m gonna stop writing here for tonight now, but I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure! :D

Night guys! ovo